Travel Wild News - October 2011

We have just completed our 10th episode of out TV series and will be releasing this season to Discovery very soon.

Our last three episodes were filmed throughout Mexico in three wicked destinations, Huatulco, Riviera and throughout The Yucatan Peninsula.

In the Yucatan Peninsula we visited restored Hasciendas which were once Spanish estates owned by local plantation families, these beautiful homesteads are now 5 star luxury resorts and some of Mexicos leading accommodation. We also went adventuring and met a number of species of monkeys in Calakmul and saw the incredible concentration of Pink Flamingoes that exist in their thousands in the protected biospheres.

We then had an action packed week in Cancun and the Rivera Maya where we dived the stunning cenotes and believe it or not a statue dive, hit the theme parks that have to be seen to be believed backing conservation and educating people as they are having fun and then experienced the mega resorts to see what they are doing toward sustainability. We also took to the air to see how agricultural burning is threatening vital Jaguar habitat and the surrounding natural areas. This will be a non stop action episode.

Our last stop Huatulco is the first EarthCheck sustainable community in the America's. A stunning destination that is priding themselves on their natural assets and working together to ensure the destination does appeals to many types of visitors. Here we hiked to waterfalls, negotiated river rapids, cruised the beautiful bays, surfed a local hotspot and met the community who are cleaning the beaches and educating their children about the importance of conservation of culture and heritage.

Currently season one continues to run on the Travel Channel but look out early next year for our new season which consists of the following locations. Antarctica, Papua New Guinea, Great Barrier Reef, Mexico, Palau and New Zealand.. each destination is as stunning as the last and we work with EarthCheck and tour companies whom are seeking a brighter future in sustainability.

Beach ScenePalau Paradise

Stay tuned and keep travelling and loving our world but remember don't love it to death but revere it and appreciate all it has to offer. Also give back what you can to nature it makes a world of difference.

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